Nature-based solutions

Our projects generate positive impacts for people and nature through the design of nature-based climate solutions aligned to Sustainable Development Goals

Mobilising collective action

We work with businesses, impact investors, implementation partners and local communities to address climate change, biodiversity loss and sustainable agriculture

Accelerating business solutions

We provide solutions for corporate climate strategies and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals through the design of high quality environmental credit projects (carbon, water and biodiversity).

We are a global advisory and project development company focused 100% on nature-based solutions.

NatureCo delivers nature-based solutions for investors, business and other purpose driven organisations. It brings together the collective strengths of Point Advisory and Biodiverse Carbon to scale up action on climate change and biodiversity loss. NatureCo specialises in advisory and project development services for nature-based solutions including reforestation, avoided deforestation, river and wetland restoration and blue carbon. NatureCo has extensive expertise in working with local communities to protect and restore natural ecosystems and through participation in environmental markets and carbon credit projects.

Our Services

Advisory Services

NatureCo provides global advisory services to clients related to the origination, feasibility and development of nature-based solutions.

Project Management

We originate, develop and manage nature-based projects of behalf of our clients.

Project Development

We design and implement viable project origination and development options for your organisation.

Environmental Credits

We work with projects that create environmental credits, whilst improving the lives of local communities and protecting biodiversity.

Investment Opportunities

We help to identify and create cost effective commercial opportunities for your organisation that produce measurable positive impacts.

Our People

Neil Salisbury

Co-founder and Chair

Clare-featured-black and white
Clare Luehman

Board Member

Brendan-foran-black and white
Brendan Foran

Board Member

Nathan Dale

Board Member

Todd Berkinshaw

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mark Graeme

General Manager, Operations

NatureCo Headshots
Dean Thomson

General Manager, Technical Services

Alice Duong

Carbon Project Officer

Founding Partners

Point Group Holdings Pty Ltd

Biodiverse Carbon Conservation Pty Ltd